blaxthos (blaxthos@opers.Prison.NET)
blaxwork (blaxthos@opers.Prison.NET)
HndlWCare (hiyatoho@opers.Prison.NET)
PrisonNet (mpob@nosirp.prison.bopm)
Rogue_F (asamonte@opers.Prison.NET)


Open Ports: 6666-6667

Breaking one or more of the following policies will get you
/Kill'ed and/or K-Lined

1) NO BOTS are allowed on this   2) IRC Ops here will NOT help
   server!  Bots of any kind        you with taken over channels
   are not tolerated (channel,      so please dont ask.
   flood, fserv, dcc, ftp, etc).

3) Clones of any type are not    4) NO detached or excessively
   allowed.                         idle clients.

5) NO SPAM or auto advertising   6) NO autoreconnecting clients

7) Faking user@host is           8) NO Link Looking (automated
   not allowed.                     /links command)

9) WinGate or other proxy
   clients are not allowed

We preapologize for annoying /msgs, /ctcp requests, or incorrect
/kills from IRC Ops.  They are often times unavoidable in order to
keep the server rules enforced.

Please be understanding.

If you need to contact an IRC Op, type /stats p to see which are currently
on then /msg one of them.  Just because someone is idle, doesn't mean they
wont respond to a /msg.

If you find a bot on this server: You can /msg one of the IRC
Ops on this server with ALL relevant information

If not online email

Any other questions or problems about this server may be directed to: or try /msg Rogue_F help me please!